How to cut tomatoes

Cutting tomatoes

How to cut tomatoes more easily


First, prepare the tomato by removing the stalk.

Then cut one side so you can remove the tomato and it is stable on your work surface.

Most cooks, including very good chef uses a paring knife or a chef’s knife to cut tomatoes.

These are good choices, but like most of us often use knives more or less sharp, these choices have two problems:

If your tomato is very firm, the surface is difficult to cut and the knife slides sideways

Or you are forced to push harder so that the blade is inserted into the skin of the tomato. It is more difficult to make beautiful cuts and as there is less tomato to cut, it is highly likely that you will cut yourself.

So I suggest you to use a knife with teeth like steak knives or even your bread knife that can finally be used for something other than bread. These knives have teeth that will more easily find their way into the smooth surface of the tomato, a bit like a saw.

In addition, the bread knife is usually very long and it makes your job easier, especially with large tomatoes.