How to cut a pineapple

How to cut a pineapple


The video offers four methods on how to cut a pineapple.

First make sure that the pineapple is ripe by removing a leaf. If it comes off easily, the pineapple is ready. Warning: leaves have tiny ¨claws¨ that can sting and even stay like a splinter in your finger.


Methods 1 and 2 on how to cut a pineapple is to serve yourself a portion of pineapple or a pineapple ring.


1. Cut the base and then a slice of the thickness you would enjoy.

Remove the center which is not edible.

Remove the bark along an imaginary line inside the bark and removing small traces of bark which is obviously not edible either.

2. Trim the base and again a portion of the desired thickness.

Remove the bark with blunt cuts.

Cut pieces circling the nucleus.

Cut into smaller pieces if desired.

3. Serve pineapple chunks from in its bark.

Cut the head and foot of the pineapple.

Cut it in half.

And in two.

First remove the bark along the imaginary line following the brown spots.

Then cut the part of the kernel that is not edible.

You can leave pineapple in its bark and simply cut into pieces easier to serve.

You can insert a toothpick or fork to facilitate eating pineapple chunks.

4. To prepare large pineapple ready to serve or cut into cubes.  

Cut the head and foot of the pineapple.

Place the pineapple on the cut part.

Peel the pineapple along the imaginary line to remove the bark.

Cut pineapple into quarters.

Remove the remaining core of each quarter.

Then cut into cubes or otherwise depending on what you want to serve.