Buying chef’s knife

Buying chef’s knife

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Key points

When buying chef’s knife, this video explains why Japanese’s knife offers a greater value. Remember: not all japanese’s knife are equal. So listen carefully to what this video is telling you to look for.

Buying a chef’s knife is an investment.

You will have to spend over a $100 for one knife.

Japanese knives are lighter and thinner. The benefit is that you don’t have to push into the meat or the vegetables to make a successful cut.

Because it is an expensive item to purchase, it is recommended to go shop and buy a product you have evaluated by taking it in your hand.

Japanese knives are considered high end but it might well be useless to you if you can’t identify the best ones on the market.

Look for hard carbon and stainless steal knives, carbon steel only will rust.

Although the video doesn’t emphasize much the importance of the grip it is very important to be non slippery and well balanced in your hand. Make sure that you know how to grab the knife to verify the quality of the handling. Learn how to handle your knife properly.