Buying kitchen knives

Buying kitchen Knives

What to consider when you have decided that it is time you buy kitchen knives. Since they are the tools that will help you work like a chef with precision, efficiency and accuracy, you need to know what to purchase. The quality will make a difference in your comfort and quality of your work. 

We have selected three videos from respected chefs and experts to help you understand what are the qualities you should look in a kitchen knives.

Buying Kitchen Knives Videos.


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How to buy a chef’s knife

A chef’s knife is probably the most important kitchen knives tool for any serious cooking preparation. If there is one kitchen knife worth paying more, this is the one. Make sure you understand what are the quality to look for for this most important piece in your cooking endeavor.

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Japanese chef’s knife

When buying kitchen knives, here is why you should consider paying a little more and purchase a Japanese chef’s knife.


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kitchen knives for you

The three best kitchen knives for you: the chef knife, paring and cleaver. This videos tells you the difference between European and Japanese knives designs and in which cases they perform the best.