kitchen Knives


The kitchen knives are considered to be the most important tool of a chef in a kitchen. Using a very high quality, sharp and well balanced knife will give you a very important feeling of control over the process. As for any tool, understanding how to master it, will take you to a higher level of confidence and efficiency.

You will need four basic kitchen knives to make sure to use the best performing tool for a given task

  1. A chef’s knife for chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing.
  2. A paring knife for peeling fruits and vegetables.
  3. A serrated knife for cutting breads, tomatoes, citrus, etc.
  4. A meat cleaver for chopping through bones of poultry, beef, lambs, pork.

Later on you might consider additional knives for chinese, japanese techniques or knives used for preparing fish, seafoods and more.

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